Golden Dewlicious

Recently I spotted a barrel of this unfamiliar, bright, large, yellow melon in the store, so I picked one up. It is called a Golden Dewlicious or a Golden Honeydew. There is not much information regarding this melon that I could find, although I did find reports of it dating back to the fifteenth century and that it is a hybrid melon, meaning it was originally designed from combining two or more fruits. One would assume it is a mix of a golden delicious apple and honey dew given its name, white interior texture, as well as its vibrantly sweet taste. The skin is thin, sweet and chewy and some suggest it is edible, although not so sure I agree. Perhaps, I would use it as a zest to sweeten certain dishes. If you see one of these dewlicious melons around, I encourage you to pick one up and try for yourself.