Food for Thought: Coconut Water!

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Coconut water is the clear liquid inside of a coconut and is usually harvested when the coconut is still green and has not yet fallen from its tree, being named “young coconut juice.”

It is naturally a great source of potassium and other minerals and is often used as an electrolyte replacement for athletes. In fact, during past wars and in third world countries, coconut water has often been used as an intravenous solution to hydrate when typical saline is not available; particularly because it is encapsulated in a sterile environment from the coconuts protective shell. Some believe that coconut water is almost equivalent to our blood plasma. WOW!

Per serving, coconut water (coconut juice) is only 80 calories, which is typically less than other fruit juices. Coconut water can be used to substitute your morning juice or used as a natural supplement before and after strenuous activity to replace potassium and other minerals.

Coconut also contains antioxidants and some research and health professionals believe coconut water to help aid in: digestion, killing bacteria and viruses, increase metabolism and thyroid production, lower cholesterol, build cells and regulate hormones. Super food? I think yes. Coconut water and other coconut products are surprisingly available in many locations or if you can crack it, buy a fresh one.


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