Prevention is key…

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DAILY THOUGHT: Take charge of your health before it takes charge of you! So many ailments are preventable with emphasis on a healthy weight, getting adequate exercise and a well balanced diet within your daily requirements. I would rather put the effort towards maintaining health then to repeatedly put it towards getting well.

Let us all do our part in keeping heath care costs down by making wiser choices. Maybe quitting smoking or decreasing your weight by ten or fifteen pounds to lower blood pressure and help manage diabetes more effectively.

Perhaps making wiser food choices, learning to say no to the poor food choices or excessive, emotional eating that will contribute to excessive weight gain. Think about some ways in which you can not only improve your well being and prevent future ailments for a better quality of life for yourself, but also to help keep our health care costs down by making choices that will positively affect the flow of our nation. If someone is intentionally making poor choice after poor choice, we all pay that price. Prevention is the responsible thing to do and also the healthy thing to do.

Simple tips: Less empty calories from soft drinks, candy and junk food and more nutrient dense calories from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and dairy. Moving your body more, even if it is simply walking, will greatly benefit you. There are several community programs set up to help support low income families get activity and exercise We need to bust through the excuses and find a way to be more healthy within our families, communities and nation.

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