Healthy Reminders for Holiday Eating….

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We are all going to splurge a little during Christmas and New Years. We are thrown into a world of parties and gatherings that are undoubtedly centered around food and drink. One of the best ways to prepare ourselves for situations like this and avoid over eating is to eat and snack wisely when we can. Here are some basic tips to think about:

  • Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast and an emphasis on whole grains, lean proteins and fresh fruit.
  • Have a healthy snack consisting of a lean protein and complex carbohydrate before arriving to a party so you are not starving and gorge on everything you shouldn’t.
  • Do not skip meals. Eat consistently and avoid the mind set of “saving” your calories for later. This will only promote binge eating and unhealthy food choices.
  • Take time for exercise. Why not suggest a walk with family or friends to not only burn extra energy, but get some fresh air and sunlight. This is a favorite past time with my family when we get together for parties and gatherings.
  • Water is also a powerful tool to accompany any meal. It helps you to feel full and it is cleansing and hydrating.
  • If there are fresh vegetables available, stock your plate full of those and take less of the foods you know will hinder your goals.
  • It is fine to enjoy desserts, but allow yourself one or two pieces and move on.
  • Bring a healthy dish to pass. Often times there are plenty of cheesy casseroles and desserts, but if you are concerned with limited fresh foods, be that person to contribute a healthier option. An assorted tray with fresh fruits, cut up vegetable sticks, whole grain crackers and cheese are always huge favorites.
  • Be mindful of holiday beverages and drinks. Allow yourself to enjoy, but go easy, as most of the holiday drinks are loaded with sugar and excessive calories.
  • If there is only one tip you follow, let it be that of portion control. Think twice about refilling that plate and give your body about twenty minutes to digest your meal and to let the feelings of fullness set in. You will be thankful later on.
  • Most of all, be mindful this Christmas. It always sounds like a good idea to splurge and satisfy all of our food desires, but don’t let impulsive eating sabotage any of your nutrition goals.

We have a new year coming up. Let this be the year that YOU decide your health is of extreme value and importance. Merry Christmas everyone.

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