Blend It!

Following hot tea or coffee, I love my morning blend of fruits and vegetables. It goes without saying, fruits and vegetables are the secret weapon against disease management and prevention as well as weight management. If you struggle with incorporating the recommended servings into your diet, then I can’t encourage you enough to BLEND them together into a smoothie style drink. You will never regret starting your day off with a powerhouse of color and nutrients.

Focus on color. Each color will act as a different player protecting and fighting off different ailments. It’s kind of like your own personal defense lineup in your body. The more color, the better! 

Delicately sweet and smooth: carrots, pear, sweet peppers, ripe banana & water blend.

There are few things that are perfect in this world, but blending is close to it.  

Pure Goodness: broccoli, banana, triple berry blend  of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, pure pumpkin puree and water.

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