Potatoes: Keeping it real!

The potato, much like the egg, takes a brutal beating and wrongful heat from the media and other sources with inconclusive evidence for what seems like time after time again.They are both super packed with nutrients and very much a part of a whole foods diet.

POTATOES: With fiber, B vitamins, potassium, copper, manganese, protein, lutein, antioxidants along with many more nutrients and only 160 calories per medium potato, I am thinking this is a very useful food to see on a dinner plate. Not to mention filling and will help to steer off evening cravings especially when the skin is left on.

If you are thinking about or have been abolishing potatoes from your diet because of false rational and misrepresentation, please reconsider. If we know that weight gain occurs from a surplus of energy (calories) that our bodies cannot utilize for that day, then we know that any food will be stored as fat. It is never any one food source that should be the blame for obesity. Nor should any one single food be considered the miracle food. It is all about inclusive eating, balance and obtaining a wide variety of color and sources. We should move past the bad and good labels, especially when we are considering whole foods. That philosophy certainly presents a fear of food rather than a clear, concise understanding and introduces a world of confusion and misunderstanding.

Give yourself permission to not believe everything you read or hear and apply common sense when choosing foods. I encourage you to go ahead and enjoy your potatoes if that is a food you love, just be mindful of portion size, what you load on top or how you prepare them. On a personal note, my great grandfather ate potatoes every day of his life until he died at the age of 95. His secret? A lifetime of whole foods as there was no other option and regular physical activity from walking. For more information regarding the topic of potatoes, please check out this fun, but informative link from: WebMD Expert Blogs: Real Life Nutrition.

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