10 Minute Mid-Day Workout

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I love all the motivating fitness agendas or so I call them, that float around on the internet and Pinterest. I just put this one together of some of my favorite exercises. One set takes about ten minutes with continuation through the moves and all you need is a floor mat and some water. You will definitely work up a sweat with this one. I kept a stream of the higher intensity cardiovascular moves in the middle to really elevate your heart rate. This is a total body workout incorporating all major muscles groups and core. If you are able, work up to two sets for a solid twenty minute workout. Ready, set, go at your own pace or challenge yourself.


30 Jumping Jacks

20 Squats

20 Alternating side lunges

25 Pushups (modified or regular)

30 Second plank hold

30 Mountain climbers

50 High knees

25 Jumping jacks

10 Burpees

20 Pushups (modified or regular)

30 Second plank hold

25 Bicycles

20 Reverse Abdominal Crunches

20 Crunches

40 Rotating front punches in a holding squat

10 Jumping Jacks

20 Standing rear leg lifts (each side)

20 Standing lateral leg lifts (each side)


Find me on Facebook: Andrea Stewart, RD

Disclaimer: Always consult with your physician or healthcare provider before starting any new fitness or exercise routine.

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