Warm & Cozy Hot Cocoa


Do you love hot chocolate, but trying to avoid all the junk and hydrogenated fats that come along with the easy instant packets? If you haven’t tried making your own, you may be surprised at just how easy it is.

I use four ingredients to keep things simple and consistent: Skim milk, cocoa powder, pure vanilla extract and sugar.


100% pure cocoa powder is a staple in my house and is the perfect “al naturale” ingredient if you are a chocolate lover. It works great in cookies, yogurt, smoothies, or anywhere you love a real deal chocolaty flavor. It is bitter by itself, so you will need to add your own sweetener. I prefer sugar or honey, but just a little.


This recipe makes four 8 oz mugs of steamy hot cocoa.

-4 c. skim milk (or substitute with soy, rice or almond milk)
-4 tbsp of 100% pure cocoa powder
-4 tbsp sugar
-1 teaspoon of pure vanilla or almond extract

Heat skim milk over medium heat, stirring in cocoa powder, sugar and pure vanilla or almond extract until well blended. Whisk all ingredients together. Serve hot and steamy and if you really want to indulge, add a few puffy marshmallows on top. Enjoy.


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