Is your weight loss plan sustainable?

One of the most overlooked attributes of achieving a desired weight is sustainability. Messages of false hope and promises offering only non-sustaining rapid results are everywhere. It’s hard to separate fact from fiction and what road to take.

Wrap your fat away, starve your fat away, pop a pill your fat away, cleanse your fat away. These tactics often give you a very temporary feeling of contentment and showy results, but is this really benefiting you?

Rapid weight loss, more than 1 to 2 pounds a week, is usually a result of water and muscle loss.  This will end up causing you to gain more weight in the long run when you return to your normal eating habits due to the effect it will have on your metabolism.

The focus of starting a plan to either lose weight, eat better or become more fit starts with sustainability and learned lifestyle habits that last.

Some things to consider when evaluating the sustainability:

  • Do you have to invest into a certain product that someone else is profiting from? More often than not, these products are in conjunction with exercise and eating smarter which is the real culprit for results. The expensive product usually appears to be the reason for success, but in reality it was eating less and moving more or just eating less overall. Anytime you alter your diet, limit the junk food, avoid excess calories and start moving more – you will get results. Is it safe, sustainable and affordable to continue taking this supplement long term? If not, don’t waste your time or money.
  • Do you have to abolish major food groups? You may be able to avoid certain or multiple food groups short term, but can you really stick to that long term? This option is usually not sustainable.  Plus avoiding major food groups will usually leave you feeling tired, irritable and nutrient depleted from avoiding major sources of nutrients.

What is sustainable?

  1. Focusing on nutrient rich foods from each food group and exercising portion control.
  2. Finding a way to incorporate activity into your daily routine that works to promote fat loss, increase bone density and build lean body mass. Walking is a great place to start along with calisthenics.
  3. Learning how to incorporate your favorite foods in a more healthful way whether that be cooking a healthier version yourself or reducing the amount and frequency of the not so healthy dish.
  4. Finding balance each and everyday and making wise choices most of the time.
  5. Understanding that weight loss or weight maintenance is a result of an appropriate energy balance regardless of what you are eating.

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