The Message From The Garden

The message from the garden is an intense expression and symbol of life itself. The […]


Vegetarian West Coast Stuffed Peppers

Fun easy recipe, serves four. You will need peppers, steamed brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, […]

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Sweet Wine & Citrus Chicken with Cranberry Infused Quinoa

This is a flavorful twist utilizing lean chicken breast, sweet wine, fresh fruit and quinoa. […]

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Boneless, Skinless Buffalo Style Panko Chicken

If you are a Buffalo wing lover and you just have to get your fix […]

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Being Mindful: Application II

This is the second discussion regarding mindful eating. In the first application we discussed some […]


Simple, Elegant Avocado & Citrus Salad

The avocado fruit is full of greatness. They are rich in potassium, even more so […]

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Baked Sweet Potato Chips & the Benefit of Resistant Starch

Many of us know that sweet potatoes are considered a super-food, but they are also […]

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Soupalicious: Split Pea, Ham & Carrot

Soupalicious is right! This funky green soup requires only four main ingredients, well six, if […]

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Crock Pot Chicken Fajita Salad Wrap

Find me on Facebook: Andrea Stewart, RD If you like chicken fajitas, you will love […]

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Oatmeal-Coconut-Raisin-Peanut Butter Drop Cookies

Fine me on Facebook: Andrea Stewart, RD It was a cold day with ice covering […]

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Cantina Whole Grain Penne & Cheddar with Broccoli

Find me on Facebook: Andrea Stewart, RD It’s almost impossible to not love a homemade […]

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